Davis Mountains Resort Volunteer Fire Department
Bi-Annual DMR VFD Support Group Meeting  -  Saturday, April 1, 2017 -  the  was held and had a great turnout.  Discussed was the upcoming Memorial Day Spaghetti
Supper & Art Sale, projects within the fire department, the upcoming June DMRVFD Board elections, the annual BBQ and possibly a "Pie" Labor Day event.  A Firewise training meeting
followed and included a video and presentation by Ken Gossett.  West Texas Fire Extinguishers (a bucket and tow sack) were handed out to the participants.
April 8, 2017 - Highway Clean Up  -  DMR VFD Firemen and Support Group members turned out again to clean up our two mile stretch of Highway 166.  Anyone wanting to join in on
the fun next time just need to contact Edna Queen at 426-2111  (Thanks Edna for the photo).
DMR VFD Support Group President Marvin Voiers / Ham Operator - After Marvin retired in 2015 and moved to the DMR, he took part in a Ham Radio Operator's Class in Jan. 2016.  
He passed his "Technicial License" test on 01/30/16.  He then studied for the "General Class" license, which he passed on 04/28/16.  The hardest license to get is the "Extra Class" license.  Marvin
passed that test and received the "Extra Class" license on 03/14/2017.  Being a Ham Operator is a fun hobby.  If you are interested in becoming a Ham Operator or have a question, please contact
Marvin at 432-299-0290 and he'll try to help you out.
                                                                                  09/02/17 - PIE and DANCE DMR VFD BENEFIT!
A note from Edna Queen:  

I don’t know about you all but I am moving rather slowly today.  What a fun night that was.  A big thank you to DJ Jules!!! You keep us dancing even when we cleaning up! For most of us it had been far too long since we
had danced all night (ish)!  Thank you.  As for the money, we made a respectable $880.00.  The money we made was on pie sales and donations alone.  I would guess we had about 65 people in total.  I forgot to put
out the book for people to sign. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the people who brought PIES!  It was quite an impressive sight if I do say so myself.  Thank you to the servers, a vital but thankless job.  Roberta, an
extra thank you to you!  You did so much cleaning up as we went along, something that I greatly value!  Dancers, thank you for making it fun for all of us.  Dang those cell phone, there is film (oh no) to document our
dance moves or lack there of.  I said before but I will say it again.  We are a great team!  It takes all of us to make these events successful.  See you in two weeks, September 16, for mitigation.  We are serving
hamburgers and hot dogs.  I will need some potato salad, Marvin your fabulous beans and of course desert. Russ is making more Chili for Chili cheese dogs! We had a couple of bags of Fritos left.  I think there is
some pie or cobble being frozen to thaw back out the day of.  Shannon said she would cook, Sam we will need to borrow your grill again.  I will send an email out as we get closer.   Our next monthly meeting is
Thursday September 14, at 6 pm.     
With all my gratitude,  Edna Queen
February 8, 2018 - The DMR VFD Support Group met for the monthly
meeting. it also happened to be our President Marvin Voiers birthday.  Edna
organized the group and made a surprise birthday cake for Marvin.  
Apparently nobody leaked the surprise birthday party to Marvin as he baked
and brought his own cake!  Happy Birthday Marvin!

                                                                                                  February 20, 2018 Highway Trash Pick Up

                                     Thank you so much to those of you who were able to come out this morning to pick up trash.  It was windy but not too cold.  All together we had 2.5 bags of trash with one bag of
                                                    recyclables.  Thank you Willis for taking those. Support members present today were Sam House, Sue and Chuck Smith, Maria and Willis LeJeune, Janette Winters, Marvin Voiers,
                                                    Mercedes Gonzalez, Cathy Gossett and Edna Queen.  Community members who came out to help were Terry Biegler, Mariel Davis and David Wilson.  It was very windy but the traffic was
                                                    light and we were finished in a little over an hour.  Mariel found a rolled up    dollar bill.  I think she is the 3rd person who has found money and always on the north side of the mail boxes.
                                                    See you on Saturday, April 7th, for the annual "Don't Mess With Texas state wide trash pick up.  Of course it is too far away to know what the weather will be like but we can schedule a
                                                    pick up for any date one week before or after if needed.  Thank you once again for being such a great team to work with.  You guys rock,
                                                    Edna Queen - Highway Trash Coordinator
                                                                                   December 16, 2017 Annual DMR VFD Christmas Dinner

                      Thanks to of the DMR VFD Firemen and Support Group Members who helped clean and decorate the fire station, set up on Saturday morning, to the cooks who made such wonderful food and to
                      Julian, who played such great  music!  The clean up crew, we are a well oiled machine we can strike a set with the best of the veteran roadies!  Thank you to the crew today who came to put
                      everything up!  All together we are an excellent team.

Raffle Quilt - We raised $625.00 in total, ($245.00 from the night of the party and $380.00 from previous sales).
Miscellaneous art sales $195.00        Donations for the department $100.00          Donations for the new Jeff Davis County ambulance - $1,103.00
We had approximately 65 people in attendance with a lot of new people there for the first time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
                                                          Click Here for Photos!
                                                                  FIRE EXTINGUISHER TRAINING

March 25th training focused on fire extinguishers.  Class time covered OSHA fire extinguisher training objectives.  Attendees
followed up class time with an opportunity to practice with a live fire exercise.  Practice provided fun of all!

Thanks Edna for the photos! .
                              April 7, 2018 Trash Pick Up

The DMRVFD Support Group and Firemen participated in the "Don't Mess With
Texas" statewide trash pickup.  The group cleaned up the DMR VFD's 2 mile
stretch along Highway 166.

Mike Fryer - Chief

Marvin Voiers - President
Cathy Gossett - Vice-President
Shannon Barron - Treasurer
Edna Queen - Secretary
Ken Gossett - Board Member at Large
Marvin Voiers      Cathy Gossett    Shannon Barron    Edna Queen         Ken Gossett
President          Vice President         Treasurer             Secretary          Member at Large
Mike Fryer

On June 30, 2017, the DMR VFD held it's Annual Meeting.  
                          June 20, 2018 Trash Pick Up

The DMRVFD Support Group and Firemen participated in the trash pick up of
the DMR VFD's 2 mile stretch along Highway 166.
October 6, 2018  DMRVFD MITIGATION

Even though it rained pretty heavily last night and the grass was still very wet this morning, we were able to get the
mitigation done today.  A big thank you to the people when showed up.  More people helping would have been great but
we still got a lot accomplished.  As always the food was outstanding.  Thank you to the usual suspects for bring food to
feed mowers.    Thanks to all of the volunteers:  Willis and Maria LeJeune, Cathy and Ken Gossett, Sandi and Stewart
Billingsley, Vicky and Paul Conners, Darrel Lewallen, Sam House, Rebecca Leach, Bert Legarde, Marvin Voiers, Diana
Strong Brevard, Jeanette Williams, Mariel Davis, Cindy Davis, Janette Winters, Edna and Sam Queen and our Chief Mike

Thank you, Edna Queen - DMRVFD Secretary