The DMR library is well used by the community.  
                   The library currently has over 2,200 books and over 750 videos all donated.
                   The library averages over 100 books and videos being checked out each month.
                   The library has expanded to occupy all the reasonable available space in the Community Center.
                   We've broken it into three phases:

                    Phase 1  -  10'x 16' Library Annex and completion $1,600
                    Phase 2  -  Deck for Reading / Visiting / Music
                    Phase 3  -  10'x 10' Reading room / Work room / Library expansion  
                June 16, 2015 - The Friends of the Library were at it again!  They finished sheet rocking the inside of the main
                building and put of the ceiling.  They cut down some donated bookshelves and got them ready to go.  The shelves
                will be installed after the walls are painted.  Linda and Dale Kitchens donated the shelves.  
                Thanks so much to the Kitchens!

                June 6, 2015 - A a group of volunteers installed a donated door to the main library annex building.  Ray Queen,
                Sam House, Bill Flanders and Willis LeJeune spent most of the day working on the project with great results.  One of
                the next things our volunteers are gong to do is to pull the current siding off the inside the building, replace it with sheet
                rock, then tape and paint it.  Looking good!

June 10, 2015 - The DMR Library Annex is proceeding well.  To date over $3,500 has been raised or pledged plus many
contributions in-kind along with plenty of sweat equity.  Ron and Tracey Davis has moved the two purchased buildings to the DMR Community Center area.  The road crew
assisted in leveling the ground for the buildings and Chuck Smith helped level the buildings.  Sam House, Ray Queen, and Willies LeJeune have installed the Higginbotham's
(HBC) donated door and have sheet rocked the walls.  After the interior of the building is completed and the donated book shelves from Linda and Dale Kitchens are installed
work will begin on the deck.
Contact Information

Bill & Peggy Flanders
PO Box 1737, Fort Davis, TX 79734  (432) 426-3755

Barbara House
(432) 426-2162
Sam                          Ray                           Willis                           Bill                              Ron                         Chuck                      Tracey                 
July 30, 2015 - I noticed activity at the DMPOA Library Annex building so stopped and checked to see what progress had been made.  The Friends of the Library have been remodelling the inside of one of
the units.  The ceiling has been completed already and the walls have been taped and textured.  Today I found Bill Flanders busy painting the walls.  The next step is apparently laying the floors.  While
visiting with Bill, I noticed several people using the main library in the Community Center.  It's great to see so many people getting involved in community projects like this.  Thanks to everyone involved!
August 21, 2015 - A look into the main building of the library annex showed how much work has been
done!  Bill has finished painting the floor and volunteers helped position the shelving.  What remains to be
done?  Some more shelves will be added and trim will be put around the windows and seams of the
panelling and corners.  The second building is being used as a workroom and storage room for the time
being.  Stop by and take a look!
Check out all the new books, VHS Tapes and DVDs that have been donated to the library!
May 16, 2016 - Work was begun on the first ramp for the library
annex buildings.  Thanks Bill. Eddie, Russ, Janette and Chuck for all
the work.
May 20, 2016 - The ramp construction was continued by Russ,
Bill, Willis and Chuck.  Construction was led by Willis.  Great job
Feb - March 2017 - Bill Flanders led the placement of
a new door into the unfinished library building.  It was
quite an undertaking and just the next step in making
this building a useful part of the DMPOA Library.  
Thanks to Bill Flanders, Chuck Smith and Roy Cantu
for their help on this project!