May 18th - Envelope Stuffing Party
Thanks to all of the participants in the yearly Envelope Stuffing Party.  The Proxy and
Voting Information for the Annual Meeting was sent to al DMR Property Owners.
                                                                                                JUNE 24TH 2017 ANNUAL PROPERTY OWNERS MEETING AND ELECTION

Despite the heat, a good crowd turned out for the annual DMPOA Property Owners Meeting and Election.  Winning seats of the DMPOA Board were as follows:  Jackie Edwards, Bill Flanders, Janette Winters, Sandi
Billingsley and Benny Masters.  Here is the Board for this next year:  President Jackie Edwards,  Vice President Willis Lejeune, Treasurer Jan Pierce, Secretary Barbara House   Board Members:  Chris Kirby,  Janette
Winters,  Cindy Davis, Sandi Billingsley,  Benny Masters and Bill Flanders      
For contact information on the Board Members, go to the
DMPOA Board page on this site.  
For photos of the day's activities, go to the
June 24 2017 Annual Meeting Page on this site.
Aug. 12, 2017 DMPOA Meeting  -  Here is a short synopsis of the meeting:

Employee Job Descriptions were updated.  The biggest item on the agenda was an age-old question concerning Limpia Creek and whether anyone could gather material from the creek or it's tributaries.   A report
obtained from the TWPD stated, basically, that Limpia Creek is private property rather than a navigable waterway.   Therefore the DMPOA can gather material from the creek beds and that property owners can gather
material on their own property.  A special Executive Meeting will be held on Sunday, Aug. 13th at the Community Center.  Legal issues will be addressed.  The public will not be allowed to sit in on the Executive
Session that will be held in the Community Center itself rather than in the break room.  Various committees were announced.  The complete list of committees is as follows:
                                                          SILK SCARF DYEING CLASS IN THE DMR
On Nov. 2, 2017, Maria LeJeune presented a class on Silk Scarf Dyeing Class in the DMR. Quite a few ladies showed up and thoroughly enjoyed the class. We have so many talented people living in the
resort and are always looking for folks that would like to share their knowledge and talent!
Thanks to Nakia and Stephen Hambright for administering free flu shots on February 21st  at the Community Center.  
A great example of neighbors taking care of neighbors!

On March 10, 2018, Sharon Wilson of Earthworks and Lori Glover of the Big Bend Defense Coalition
presented a seminar on Threats to the Davis Mountains - Air Quality from Fracking at the DMR Community
Center.  DMR residents turned out and experienced a great open discussion on the subject.
Special thanks to our Elections Judge
Jackie Webb, Vote Verifier Betty Smith
and Counters Mike Logan and Linda
Logan. These fine volunteers put in a
very long day.  Thanks again!
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Note:  At the 2018 Annual Meeting,  $3.00 per lot raise in assessments
failed with a tie vote of 172 for and 172 against.

Budget Committee:        Andy Pellegrin (Chair),  Mariel Davis,
                               & Mike Fryer
Resolution Committee:  Andy Pellegrin (Chair),  Mariel Davis
                               & Mike Fryer
Road Committee:            Janette Winters (Chair),
                               Julian Pierce, Benny Masters,
                               Chris Kirby & Russ Martin
       New DMPOA Office Manager

Welcome to Una Learish, the new DMPOA Office
Manager. Una replaced retiring Sue Smith in June.  If
you haven't met Una, stop by the office and meet her!
The office hours remain:  Mon, Wed & Fri  12noon -
                          Local DMR Resident Assists in Washington D.C.  

Bert Lagarde, a DMR resident and paramedic, provided medical support during the state funeral for
former President George H.W. Bush in Washington D.C.  Bert serves as a member of the National
Disaster Medical System's  Disaster Medical Assistance Team. He was maybe six feet from the Casket
in the Rotunda, and from George W. Bush!  Plus, he was at some point a few inches from Ted Cruz, but
could not approach the Senator, or any dignitary, unless they needed medical assistance.  This is only
one of the many times Bert has been called to duty.   
Thanks Bert for your service!

The DMPOA Board recently made changes to the regulations/fees regarding use of the Community Center by Property Owners.  

  •  If a DMR property owner would like to hold a community meeting or gathering at the Center, they must first check with the DMPOA Office Manager to verify that the date wanted is available.
  •  If the date is available, the DMPOA property owner reserving the facility must fill in an Agreement of Use form and submit it to the DMPOA Office Manager.
  • The Office Manager will then log the event on the calendar.
  • There are now no charges or fees associated with reserved uses of the Community Center. However, if the facility is not cleaned after use or damages have occurred to the property, the individual reserving the     
    facility will be contacted and held responsible.

To make reservations for private use, please call the Office Manager, Una Learish, at 432-426-3374.

Note:  This opens the door to property owners holding fee based activities and classes at the Community Center.  Several classes were not held in the past due to fees involved in the process.  We have many talented
residents in the DMR and it would be great for them to share their expertise and talents with the community.  Thanks to the DMPOA Board for this recent decision!
Highlights from the Feb. 9, 2019 DMPOA meeting:

The Board was advised that per the Board's January 2019 decision, the DMPOA small dump truck and an unused John Deere blade have been advertised for sale.  

The Road Crew is currently working on Cochise Canyon and Stagecoach. The next road to be worked will be the Ranch Road. Several members of the Board as well as members of the
audience commented that people using the Ranch Road need to slow down. The excessive speeds are a major causation of the rug boards that form on the roadway.

Treasurer Andy Pellegrin advised the Board of outdated information that appeared on the DMPOA By Laws and Covenants. A discussion ensued.

Per the DMR VFD, the emergency siren located on Apache Mountain has been broken for a long time. The siren can only be initiated manually and has been stuck several times by
lightning. Besides the high cost of repairing the system, many areas in the DMR had never been able to hear the siren when it was operational.
                                                            BLACK BEAR PRESENTATION

The presentation by Will Rhodes was a tremendous success.  Many of our DMR neighbors turned out to hear Will's presentation and to ask questions
about black bears in the DMR.

 For more info and photos, go to:    Black Bears in the DMR
March 30, 2019

Dr. Alma Arredondo-Lynch announced her candidacy for CD 23 Jeff Davis County Courthouse.

Click here for photos of the event!

Board member Nancy Jackson resigned from her position
on the DMPOA Board of Directors. Tracii Logan and Dale
Learish will fill the empty two openings on the Board.
Thanks to both Tracii and Dale for volunteering and thanks
to Nancy for her time served.

For a list and contact information of all Board members,
check out the
DMPOA Board page.
Willis LeJeune is our new DMPOA Interim
President after Sandi Billingsley resigned.
Thanks for stepping up to the bat Willis
and thanks for your service to the
community Sandi.
Dale Learish             Tracii Logan

Any DMPOA property owner who wishes to volunteer for the Board of Directors can contact
any of these folks on or before May 5, 2019. The election for the Board will be held at the
annual meeting in June.
Sandi  432-426-2928
Terri   432-426-3307
Tracii  469-435-6406
Sandi Billingsley           Terri Biegler               Tracii Logan