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Feb, 16 - Work on Stagecoach Washout
Today, Willis LeJeune volunteered and was trained to drive the DMPOA dump truck.  Julian, Ray and Willis worked hauling numerous loads of material and working the
Stagecoach washout.  Julian, a DMR VFD volunteer firefighter, was subsequently called out to stand-by at the DMR VFD because of a fire near Crows Nest.  Luckily the fire
was put out without the DMR VFD being fully deployed.
Feb. 28 - Low Meadow
Low Meadow was being worked this past week until we had equipment failure. The tilt rod for the blade on the maintainer has broken and we have lost the bolt(s) that retains the articulation pin. Those parts have been
ordered and repairs will commence upon receipt of parts.  Also,  Low Meadow was watered on the lower part and somewhat packed in an effort to stabilize the loosened roadbed...the steepness makes watering and
packing more difficult but equally worthwhile...
May 5th - Update  
The last several days has seen Ray repairing High Meadow Trail. Many loads of material have been delivered, watered and packed to make the road as passable as
possible.   Today the cattle guard at the resort entrance was repaired yet again. Fill dirt was added on the downhill side in an attempt to prevent another failure.
Those with heavy loads and those in a hurry, please slow down!  We will continue work on the John Deere tractor with the installation of a loader bucket and rear
blade to enable this machine to do multiple jobs.
The parts to resurrect the John Deere tractor have been installed. The loader bucket is working as well as the
rear blade assembly. Raymond has familiarized himself w/ the controls and you will be seeing this machine
participating in road work
Sifting Screen Finished!   Ray and Julian built a sifting screen made out of 2" spacing with 1/2" rebar.  Each 90 degree cross is welded on
both sides of the rebar.  The screen  contains appx. 7,500 welds.  It separates fine material, found in our creeks and in the upper duck pond,
from course material that has no use as road material.  Using the screen, the guys can separate the finished material and deliver it in full
truckloads.  Upon delivery of the finished material at any given site, Ray will not have to spend a lot of time moving rocks off the road because
the rock will already have been removed.  This will save us time and money. The screen is set up on a 45 degree slope.  It is portable and will
have hooks welded on it to allow it to be picked up and moved using the backhoe.  The finished screen produced excellent road material.  The
backhoe and the John Deere tractor can both be utilized in sorting the material.  A lot of hard work.  Good job guys!
Backhoe Update
Several weeks ago there was a hydraulic failure with the backhoe. Upon examination, the coupler for the hydraulic pump had stripped out, probably as the result of age.  New parts were
installed and it's back to running.  
Sifting Screen at Work!   
Ray has been working on sifting material at the upper Duck Pond.  A great amount of material has been created.  The screen is doing
exactly what is was meant to do.  Moral of the story? You make it right and it will work! Thanks for all the hard work Ray and Julian!
Rainy Day Roads!
All the rain we have been getting is creating problems with our roads.  People who have lived in the DMR for several years know that lots of rain causes problems, no question about it.  When the
rains stop, the roads will be repaired.  It's a small trade off for living in the mountains rather than in the city.
                                      LIGHTLY USED TOOLS NEEDED FOR ROAD CREW
Our Full time Road Operator, Raymond McKay, recently turned down the offer of a raise.  Instead, he asked that the DMPOA provide him more and better tools to do his job.  
Let's help him out!  Here is a list of what the Road Crew can use as far as GENTLY USED tools are concerned:  Ratchets, Sockets, Screw Drivers, Jacks (over 3 ton), Any
Specialty Tools, 3/4" Impact Sockets, Hammers, Drill Bits, Crow Bars, Pry Bars, Welding Clamps & and Welding Supplies, Vices, Portable Light Sources, Wrenches, Rakes,
Shovels and a decent size stainless  oil sink or parts washer.  For more information, contact Road Committee Chairman Russ Martin at 426-2143.  Feel free to drop off any
donated tools with Russ or at the DMPOA Office.  
Special thanks to Roy Cantu for the great tools he donated!
Feb 9-14, 2017 -  Raymond and Ray were busy!  For those who didn't see it, take a drive over to Church Hill, south of the
Community Center.  Most of us have never seen it look so good!  Today they were working on the Ranch Road.  We're very
luck to have two great guys working our roads.  Thanks guys!
DMR Roads and Road Crew
Our Road Crew consists of full-time maintenance operator Darell Fellers and permanent part time maintenance
operator Ray Queen. The two are a great combination and have been doing a terrific job.  We also have several
volunteers who help out when needed. Anyone wishing to donate some time to help with the Road Crew, contact
Road Committee Chairman Janette Winters.