August 1, 2015 - 35 people showed up for today's mitigation around the VFD Firehouse,Community Center and
Shop.  That must be a record!  
Most of the work was completed in roughly three hours.  The DMR VFD Fire Chief Ken
Gossett and the Support Group would like to thank everyone who got after it with weed eaters and mowers, to those
who delivered water and Gatorade to the workers and to the folks who made a great lunch for everyone. Thanks to
Tracey for cutting up and getting rid of the fallen tree on Yellow Knife Trail.  Special thanks to B&L BBQ Co. (Eddie and
Glenn) for the great BBQ.  A lot of work got done and a good time was had by all.  See you next time!
August 1, 2015 VFD Mitigation Day!