Sept 9, 2015 - DMPOA SHOP CLEAN-UP
                                                                             Sept 9, 2015 - DMPOA SHOP CLEAN-UP

Today, a great group of volunteers gathered at the DMPOA Maintenance Shop and began the long and dirty task of cleaning and organizing it.  Toward the end of the day,
several shelves were installed that will hold parts, filters, etc.  Each piece of equipment will have it's own area on the shelves.  Eddie got the shelves from the old Alco
store in Alpine when it closed.  For example, if a part is needed for the dozer, it will be a lot easier to locate that part now.  Julian had already cleaned numerous empty oil
buckets for future use.  A date will set a date in the near future to complete the clean-up and reorganization.  If you're just itching to get your hands dirty, this is the place
for you.

Special thanks to Eddie, Jan, Julian, Chuck!