Willis LeJeune is a woodworker who goes with the natural flow of nature and magnifies the inner beauty of
wood.  Willis shows at the CatchLight Art Gallery in Alpine.
You can contact Willis at
Maria LeJeune creates jewelry; wire crochet with pearls, semi-precious minerals and beads.  Maria shows at
Gallery on the Square in Alpine, TX.  You can contact Maria at
Marjie Erkkila is an award winning bronze and stone sculptor.  She also creates precious
metal jewelry and lapidary arts.  Marjie shows at CatchLight Art Gallery in Alpine, TX.
Terry Biegler - Rockingbird Studio
Terry creates original designs in
stained glass, wirewrapped stone
jewelry, acrylics, digital photography
and graphics.  
Sandra Holzheuser  works primarily in oils and almost exclusively paints from memories and her
Jim Olsen  -  Jim works mostly in oils and acrylics and specializes in
wildlife art.  Jim is one of our regulars at the Friday afternoon Artists
Group at the Community Center.
Jan Pierce -  I live in the mountains of West Texas with my husband, Julian, and my cat, Rufus. I am
inspired daily by the beauty of the natural world. I collect heart rocks and other things in nature that stand
out to me and include them in my art as much as possible. My jewelry offerings are one of a kind...crafted
singly, and with a mixture of glass, collectibles and whimsical pieces. My paintings reflect my love of nature
and are painted in oil or acrylics. I currently have paintings at The Gallery at the Fort Davis Drug Store in
Fort Davis, and the Kiowa Gallery in Alpine."
Robert Tyree - Robert is our very own DMR Leather Craftsman.  
Visitors at several of DMR Property Owner events have seen his great
work displayed.
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Carol Diquilio -  is a part-time resident in the DMR and has been
specializing in wildlife and nature photography for years. The DMR is a
great place to capture some new images! Her current notecards and
calendars are in a few stores in Fort Davis. Great Christmas or birthday
presents!  Phone: 832-338-4222   email:
Brenda Hudson -