I keep finding people that I missed putting on this page!  Either I have missed them or don't have a photo of them. If you don't see your photo
on here and would like it have it put on, please let me know.  
Meet Some Great People from the DMR
Jan & Wally Harkey
moved away from the
DMR.  Nice people.
Toby & Barbara Barker moved out of the
DMR but still have property here. Hope
they'll come back to visit!
Jan & Jimmy Poenish  moved back to their
ranch south of Marfa but come back to
community events every now and then!
Diana Taylor passed
away. Terry has
moved to Alpine to
be with his daughter and
C.D. Southworth had
been in the DMR a
long time. Those who
really knew him
enjoyed his comany
Brady Mayo was an
honest and caring
man.  We'll miss him.
Ambassador Johnson &
his wife sold their
vacation home here. Wish
we could have gotten to
know them better as they
were very interesting!
Matt Oller passed
away at his home
back east. He had a
lot of friends up here
that will miss him
Friends Who Have Passed On
Folks That Have Moved Out of the Resort
Nessye Mae Roach
& J.A. Roach both
passed away and
were laid to rest in
the cemetery at the
Community Church.
Carolyn passed away
in Feb. 2015.  She
was a wonderful
woman and a big part
of the resort .
Anton Pierce passed
away in March
2015.   His brother
Julian (wife Jan)
reside in the resort.
Bob & Patty
Kennimer moved back
east to be with family.
Pam & Jerry Baker
moved out of the
resort but stayed in
Jeff Davis County.  
They were great
Eva House passed
away on April 7, 2015.
Her son, Sam House
(wife Barbara) resides
in the resort..
Mac Brevard passed
away in March 2015.
His son, Richard,
lives in the resort.
Ed Hall has also passed
away.  Ed leaves behind
his wife, Mary.
It's hard to keep up with people moving in and out of the resort at times, so
please let us know if we've missed someone!
Leslie Trammell
passed away in
2014.  Her mother,
Donna, still resides
in the DMR.
, wife of
Chuck Sanders, passed
away on May 16th  
Tommy Lind appx May
23rd.  Tommy was a
Vietnam vet.  He kept to
himself a lot but those who
knew him really enjoyed
his company.  If anyone
knows how we can obtain a
photo of Tommy, please let
us know.
Mary Hall passed
away Dec. 2015  
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Lee & Sue
Scarborough moved to
the great state of
David Smith
Barbara Hpuse
Max "Gene" Smith
Mary Lou