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Oct 31, 2015 DMR Community Halloween Party
Okay, this was a fun party.  Lots of good neighbors and friends.  There was an amazing variety of costumes and some good "Best Pumpkin" entries.  We really have to give a
special thanks to Sam, Jim and Ernie who played great music during the party.  There are other photos taken by Jan, Janette and Wretha that can be seen on the DMR Community
and Such Face Book page.  See you next year!

Training in Fort Davis
On October 23 - 25, eighteen members of the DMR VFD attended the "24th Annual Mile High Academy" in Fort Davis.  Our students took a variety of classes to improve their skills
and make our department better prepared to respond to emergency situations.  I appreciate all of our members who attended and hope they had as much fun as I did.  I want to
thank our friends at the Fort Davis VFD for their support and for making this event a success.  I would also like to commend them on the wonderful meals they provided to the
participants.  In four months, the Spring Academy will be held in Fort Davis, so plan to attend.    
Ken Gossett, Chief

Oct 17 - 18 New Pads Prepared at DMR VFD Fire Station
Volunteers turned up at the fire station to prepare a new pad.  The  group, lead by Julian Pierce, worked all day and will continue work tomorrow on a smaller pad for the new
generator.  Darell Fellers donated his time and backhoe to the project.  Thanks everyone for turning out and for all of the hard work.  Some of the volunteers were:  Julian and
Pierce, Benny Masters, Willis LeJeune, Darell and Marti Fellers, Mercedes Gonzales, Edna Queen, Sue Smith, Assistant Fire Chief Rick Collins & Chief Ken Gossett.  

2015 Sept 26 - DMR Community Potluck
What a beautiful day for a Community Potluck Dinner.  Thanks for everyone who turned out and brought great food.  Special thanks to our band, Robert, Sam, Jim and Ernie and to
Joy for sitting in with the band today.

Sept 9, 2015 - DMPOA Shop Clean-Up
A great group of volunteers gathered at the DMPOA Maintenance Shop and began the long and dirty task of cleaning and organizing it.  Toward the end of the day, several shelves
were installed that will hold parts, filters. etc.  Each piece of equipment will have it's own area on the shelves.  Eddie got the shelves from the old Alco store in Alpine when it closed.  
For example, if a part is needed for the dozer, it will be a lot easier to locate that part now.  Julian had already cleaned numerous empty oil buckets for future use.  A date will e set in
the near future to complete the clean-up and reorganization.  If you're just itching to get your hands dirty, this is the place for you.   Special thanks to Eddie, Jan, Julian, Chuck!

2015 Aug 1 DMRVFD Mitigation Photos
Photos from the mitigation day at the DMRVFD Firehouse, Community Center and Shop!  A great day was had by all and a lot of work was done.  Thanks to B&L BBQ for the great
burgers and hot dogs!

2015 Annual Meeting Photos
Photos from our July 2015 Annual Meeting!

May 23, 2015  DMRVFD Arts & Crafts Benefit
This event was held to benefit the DMR Volunteer Fire Department.  Despite bad weather, the event was a great success.  As of May 25, 2015, over
$4,000 had been raised from the benefit and the BBQ dinner provided by B&L BBQ Co.  Enough money was raised for the purchase of an emergency propane generator for the fire
department.  Thanks to all the artisans that donated works.  Thanks also to the DMR Community (non-members & members of the VFD) that donate their time to make it such a
success.  In addition the DMR Community, Fort Davis, Alpine, and Marfa contribute Arts & Craft, bake goods and more.  It is the area wide generosity that makes it a success.

Gardens in the Resort!
This page is dedicated to gardens in the DMR.  If anyone would like to submit photos of their flower or vegetable gardens, just let me know!  

April 2015 - Wildflowers in the DMR
The rain showers we have had this month have provided us with a fantastic display of wildflowers in the DMR and surrounding areas.

March 21, 2105 DMR Library Annex Fund Raiser
A  fund raiser today was an enormous success.  Eddie Lewis and Glenn Bohnenberger (B&L BBQ) cooked the brisket, chicken, burgers and sausage.
Mark Leidig, Sam House and Jim Olsen provided the music.  Russell Martin created the beautiful table that was raffled off during the event.  The potluck dinner was a hit.  Thanks to
the great folks in the community who made this such a success.  Check back Sunday to learn more as to how much was raised and to find out who won the table.

Dec 20, 2014 DMR VFD Annual Christmas Dinner
The DMR VF Annual Christmas Dinner was held at the firehouse.  Thanks to all of the volunteers who made it  possible!  Here are some of the photos from the set-up and party, with
possibly more to be added later.

Oct. 31, 2014 Community-Wide Halloween Party
The community-wide Halloween party was held at the DMPOA Community Center.  It was great to meet old friends and neighbors and get acquainted with new folks.  Thanks to
Mark, Dana, Jim and Sam for the great music.   Note:  Edna doesn't look very scared here...

The Maintainer is Back from Being Repaired!
After extensive and much needed repair work at Warren-Cat in Midland,  the DMR  maintainer was returned back to service!  After a minor glitch with the transmission and two trips
out here by a  Warren-Cat technician, the maintainer is up and running once again!  

Scenic Photos from the DMR
Great photos taken by DMR residents and guests.

Photos of the New DMR VFD Cement Slab at the Firehouse
Photos of the new cement slab poured at the DMR Volunteer Fire Department.  DMR VFD firefighters,  DMR VFD Support Group members and lots
of other folks turned out  to help.

Wildlife in the DMR
Photos and interesting tidbits about wildlife in the DMR.  
Note:  Okay, we were not sure where to put the photo of a tarantula crawling on a resident's hand.  Based on the size of the creature we thought it definately fit into this category!
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Oct 29, 2016 DMR Community Halloween Party
A great time was had by a good group of DMR residents.  It was nice to see how many nice and fun neighbors we have up here

July 23, 2016 - Blow-out Birthday Bash for Jerry Rhea!
An incredible number of people and well wishers showed up to help Jerry and his family celebrate his birthday.  Nobody present could remember a time when that
many people showed up for an event in the resort.  The reason for the great turnout?  Jerry is one of the most beloved and respected people in the DMR.  Thank
you Jerry for all of your past and continued service to our community!
June 24, 2017 Annual DMPOA Members Meeting, elections and BBQ Dinner!
Another really hot day in the DMR that lowered attendance a bit, but we still had a lot of Property Owners show up for the meeting, elections and BBQ dinner.  
Special thanks to all of the DMR VFD Firemen and Support Group Members who cleaned the Fire Station and organized a great BBQ Dinner.
October, 2017 DMR Community Halloween Party It was a fun night for everyone.  We definately have to have another one next year!  
September 9, 2017 - VFD Pie and Dance DMR VFD Benefit
A great night was had by everyone.  So many pies and desserts!  For more information on this benefit go to the DMRVFD page in this site!
Dec. 16, 2017 DMR VFD Annual Chief's Christmas Dinner  -  A wonderful time was had by everyone that attended.   
Dec. 31, 2017 DMPOA New Years Eve Party - Everyone in attendance had a good time at this party put on by the DMPOA Social Committee.
Photos by Jackie, Shannon, Mariel and Janette.
Dec.15, 2018 DMRVFD Annual Chief's Christmas Dinner - A great gathering that enjoyed wonderful food.