Scenic Photos Taken in the DMR
These photos were submitted by anonymous DMR resident
Photos submitted by Sue and Lee Scarborough
Lightning Storm - Photo taken by Robert Simpson using a  Canon Power Shot SX40 HS with a 70-800
mm zoom fixed lens.  This photo was shot at 800 mm.
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Tadpoles in the Creek
Creek Crossing on Crazy Horse Trail
Rain in the DMR!!!

Many days of rain left most of the small creeks in the DMR flowing.  Limpia
Creek overflowed  for several days and was full of tadpoles. While the creek
had been higher several times over the last few years, the duration of the
rain is very unusual.  As of August 25th, 2017, the forecast was for another
week of rain.  Luckily there had been several relatively dry days scattered
among the rainy days.  
                           Mushrooms and Flowers

All the recent rains have created a great environment for
mushrooms and flowers of every kind in the mountains.
Also seen are high water run offs that appear oily but not
to the touch.
Photos by Marcus
Banner by Marcus