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Upcoming Events in Our Area

Sat. Nov. 14, 2020 - 1:00 PM   -   DMPOA Road Committee Meeting
                                                  Located at the DMPOA Community Center
                              2:00 PM   -  DMPOA Monthly Meeting
                                                  Located at the DMPOA Community Center

All DMR property owners are encouraged to attend both of these meetings!
               Nov. 20, 2020 ACTIVE COVID19 UPDATE

                    Posted on the Fort Davis Community Chat
                                      By Renny Spencer
Edited to show numbers as of today November 20, 2020.  As you will
see big jump for Jeff Davis County.  Make sure you get tested for
Covid-19 even if you have no symptoms.  This is key to helping slow
the spread, saving lives and saving jobs.  

Testing in Marfa on Saturday, Alpine on Sunday, and Fort Davis on
Monday.  The state website shows the following for number of active
Covid19 cases for November 20, 2020:

Jeff Davis County - 22
Presidio County - 95
Brewster County - 161
Pecos County - 160
Reeves County - 181
Culberson County - 55
Hudspeth County - 54
El Paso County - 35,425

Please be safe and take precautions such as getting flu shots, social
distancing, etc.