Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.    
–Margaret Mead
Welcome to the site.  This site was created to show the world what a wonderful place the Davis Mountains Resort is.   It is meant to be a positive
place for fun and information about the DMR and surrounding communities.  Take some time and browse some of the links and let us know if there is something you would like
to see added.
Updated 10/13/18
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THE DMR HAS TWO OFFICIAL AND IMPORTANT WEB SITES THAT EVERYONE SHOULD BE AWARE OF AND CHECK FREQUENTLY - This official DMPOA site contains a wealth of information for property owners, residents and guests of the DMR.  Here you can find our
governing documents, DMPOA Board meeting agendas and minutes, community information and more! - This site is for the Davis Mountains Volunteer Fire Department.  This is a great place to keep up with our local fire department,see
photos of the fire fighters and equipment, news and many useful links.  

Both of the above sites are useful and should be checked frequently, especially in times of emergencies such as fires.
      New Life in the DMR
While we have someone killing
wild burros in the Davis Mountains
Resort, there are signs of new
life.  This little fawn showed up
today full of vim and vigor.
           $4,000 REWARD
Leading to the arrest/conviction of
person(s) shooting donkeys in the DMR.

CALL THE DMPOA  432-426-3374
Mon-Wed-Fri  12-5:00pm
Sun. Dept. 9, 2018 - The DMR VFD burned the
brush pile today. The conditions were good for doing
this and it needed to get done as the brush pile was
very large. If you see or smell smoke, that is
probably what it is. If you see or smell smoke outside
the area of the community center, please call 911
and we will check it out. Y'all have a great day
today!   Marvin Voiers - Pred. DMR VFD Support

Third Saturday Market at J Davis Emporium
10 am to 4 pm, Oct. 20, 2018
The first Third Saturday Market at J Davis Emporium  will
be Oct. 20, 2018.
Vendors are welcome and can sign up by calling

The DMRVFD, Inc. and The Fire Wise coordinator, Fireman
Roberta Daugherty invite
s you to attend a meeting Saturday
October 27th at 1 pm in the
DMPOA Community Center.
Fireman Stewart Billingsley will be hosting a discussion on the
best ways to make you property ready in the event of a fire.

Refreshments will be served.  Hope to see you there!
Fireman Roberta Daugherty - Fire Wise Coordinator    
Fireman and
 retired Fire Marshall Stewart Billingsley  - Fire  
Wise Co Chairman