Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.    
–Margaret Mead
Welcome to the site.  This site was created to show the world what a wonderful place the Davis Mountains Resort is.   It is meant to be a positive place
for fun and information about the DMR and surrounding communities.  Take some time and browse some of the links and let us know if there is something you would like to see
Updated 05/17/2019
All photos and contents on this site are copyright protected.  Please contact us directly of you wish to use photos or contents from this site.
           THE DMR HAS TWO OFFICIAL AND IMPORTANT WEB SITES THAT EVERYONE SHOULD BE AWARE OF AND CHECK FREQUENTLY - This official DMPOA site contains a wealth of information for property owners, residents and guests of the DMR.  Here you can find our governing documents, DMPOA
Board meeting agendas and minutes, community information and more! - This site is for the Davis Mountains Volunteer Fire Department.  This is a great place to keep up with our local fire department, see photos
of the fire fighters and equipment, news and many useful links.  

Both of the above sites are useful and should be checked frequently, especially in times of emergencies such as fires.
$4,000+ REWARD
Leading to the arrest & conviction of
person(s) shooting donkeys in the DMR.

CALL THE DMPOA  432-426-3374
Mon-Wed-Fri  12-5:00pm
Deer and turkeys co-existing in the DMR

                                                           LAWNMOWER FIRE

On December 15, 2018, the Lawnmower Fire burned appx 30 acres of land behind Point of Rocks on Hwy 166.  Units from the Fort Davis
Volunteer Fire Department and the Davis Mountains Resort Fire Department responded.  
Photos by Fire Marshal Roy Hurley
                SNOW IN THE MOUNTAINS
On December 13, 2018, the mountains were graced with 2" of
snow in places.  It was beautiful, although icy, and was pretty
much gone by the next day.
                                                                                              IMPORTANT CHANGES TO USAGE OF THE COMMUNITY CENTER

If a DMR property owner would like to hold a community meeting or gathering at the Center, they must first check with the DMPOA Office Manager to verify the date you want to reserve is open. If the date is available, the DMPOA
property owner reserving the facility must fill in an Agreement of Use form and submit it to the DMPOA Office Manager who will then log it on the calendar. There are no charges or fees associated with reserved uses of the
Community Center. However, if the facility is not cleaned after use or damages have occurred to the property, the individual reserving the facility will be contacted and held responsible. To make reservations for private use,
please call the Office Manager, Una Learish, at 432-426-3374.

Note:  This opens the door to property owners holding activities and classes at the Community Center.  Several classes were not held in the past due to fees involved in the process.  We have many talented residents in the
DMR and it would be great for them to share their expertise and talents with the community.  Thanks to the DMPOA Board for this recent decision!

Board member Nancy Jackson resigned from her position on the
DMPOA Board of Directors. Tracii Logan and Dale Learish will fill
the empty two openings on the Board. Thanks to both Tracii and
Dale for volunteering and thanks to Nancy for her time served.

For a list and contact information of all Board members, check out
DMPOA Board page.

Any DMPOA property owner who wishes to volunteer for the Board of Directors can contact
any of these folks on or before May 5, 2019. The election for the Board will be held at the
annual meeting in June.
Sandi  432-426-2928
Terri   432-426-3307
Tracii  469-435-6406
Sandi Billingsley           Terri Biegler               Tracii Logan
Dale Learish             Tracii Logan
May 25, 2019
DMR's very own Willis LeJeune will be presenting
Found in the Woods, an exhibition that includes 15
of his beautifully carved and polished pieces, both
large and small . The exhibit, sponsored by the
International Woman's Foundation, will be on
Saturday, May 25th from 5-9pm at Building 98,
located at 705 West Bonnie Street in Marfa. It is free
and open to the public.