Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.    
–Margaret Mead
Welcome to the site.  This site was created to show the world what a wonderful place the Davis Mountains Resort is.   It is meant to be a positive
place for fun and information about the DMR and surrounding communities.  Take some time and browse some of the links and let us know if there is something you would like
to see added.
Updated 02/24/18
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                                             Feel like volunteering?  

  There are many things you can do to help our community.  
                                    Volunteers are being used to assist our Road Maintenance Operators.  
                                    Volunteers are always welcome to assist the DMR VFD.  

                                    Become a Fireman, Support Group Member or just help out where needed!

                                                               For more info, go to our
NEWS page.
                                        AWARE OF AND CHECK FREQUENTLY - This site is run by webmaster Jackie Edwards.  It contains a wealth of information for property owners, residents and
guests of the DMR.  Here you can find our governing documents, DMPOA Board meeting agendas and minutes, community
information and more! - This site is for the Davis Mountains Volunteer Fire Department.  This is a great place to keep up with our local fire
department,see photos of the fire fighters and equipment, news and many useful links.  This site is managed by Shannon Barron.

Both of the above sites are useful and should be checked frequently, especially in times of emergencies such as fires.
                                                   PRESCRIBED BURNS COMPLETED

The Fort Davis National Historic Site conducted prescribed burns at the fort last Thursday and Friday The burns went without
any problems.  Special thanks to all the firefighters and volunteers who assisted on this project.

A message telling folks about the upcoming burns was sent out on all devices registered to receive Outreach messages from
Jeff Davis County.  It is an amazing service.  If you or someone you know wishes to sign up for notifications, please contact the
County Fire Marshall, Roy Hurley, at 432-244-9221.  
                                                                                                           FERAL HOG COMMITTEE

The DMPOA Feral Hog Committee is up and running!  This great group of volunteers is in need of slop!  Anyone with old veggies, fruit etc, is encouraged to drop it off at
the Community Center in a sealed container.  Please let one of the committee members know when you drop off material!  If you live in the resort and would like a freshly
killed hog for butchering, send your name, address and telephone number to Feral Hog committee member, David Wilson.  As hogs become available, we will call you
and deliver a hog to your home shortly after it is has been dispatched.  If you cannot be contacted we will still keep you on the same position on the list.

The members of the Feral Hog Committee are:
Gary Freeman    -426-2083
Jerry Guthrie      -426-2729
Darryl Lewallen  -426-2205
David Wilson      -832-330-6333

Go to the Feral Hog page on this site for more information on the feral hogs.   
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                                            VOLUNTEER WELDERS NEEDED

The Road Committee is seeking volunteer welders to help repair culverts.  Please contact any of the following if you are able to help out:  
Jackie Edwards, Cindy Davis  or Darell Fellers
Thanks to Nakia and Stephen Hambright for
administering free flu shots on February 21st  
at the Community Center.  A great example of
neighbors taking care of neighbors!